We begin a new year at Dade County Federal Credit Union building on a brand-new foundation and poised for many new and exciting offerings for our Members. Last year, we completed our core system conversion, a major undertaking that updated and upgraded how we perform many of our main functions, both in-person and online. We made this change with an eye toward the future and a commitment to offering improved and new services for our Members. The core system gives us room for continued growth and the ability to further modernize our offerings as the financial services industry evolves.

Many Members noticed the changes soon after the conversion. The upgrades to the online banking system and voice response systems give Members faster and improved functionality for all their accounts. The new online banking site is also mobile responsive and provides a better interface when Members access their accounts from their mobile devices and tablets. Additionally, our apps for both Android and Apple devices were redesigned to take advantage of many technological enhancements. We are also finalizing a feature to enable Members to view “e-statements” from any mobile device. This feature should be available early in 2017. Recently we launched our new website which includes all the information and services available on our previous site, but with additional options and features. Perhaps most noticeably, the website is designed with special attention to mobile users. A new “responsive” design allows Members to use all the desktop website features from any mobile device or tablet. In addition, our latest news and promotions are easy to find and presented in a clean and clear manner.

The core conversion also enables us to streamline loan applications – including the use of e-signatures. Members will notice options for additional paperless transactions and e-receipts, increased efficiency of in-person teller transactions, faster onboarding of new Members and accounts, and quicker authentication procedures when they call a branch or the call center. In order, to offer these new services, we had to complete one of our most ambitious projects since I joined the Credit Union almost 20 years ago.

The core system conversion was a true team effort that was more than 18 months in the making. While we often compared it to a software update on a computer, it was, in fact, a major change of both hardware and software. Every employee of the Credit Union was involved with the conversion, which saw us take portions of our system down for several days due to the complexity of the process. With thorough planning and execution, the transition was largely transparent to our Members. We owe the credit and thanks to our incredible staff but also to our amazing Members who stood by us during the challenging yet rewarding process.

Dade County Federal continues to be a very healthy financial institution, largely due to the success of our Members. While we are proud of our success in 2016, we know that we must earn the trust and business of our Members each day. We have many great plans in store for 2017, and we again thank our Members for their continued support.