At Dade County Federal Credit Union, we are enthusiastic about 2018 for many reasons.  A healthy stock market and relatively low-interest rates make for a solid economic outlook, but we are particularly excited because we are embarking on a new year as a much stronger institution.  Last year was challenging as we were completing a major change to our entire financial processing system and rolling-out many new products and services when a powerful and unwanted guest known as Hurricane Irma stormed into our lives.  I am proud to say that our credit union weathered the storm, and more importantly, the aftermath.  We are a stronger organization because of it.

As a community financial institution, we play a critical role when faced with a natural disaster like Irma.  With electricity out for 90 percent of the area, credit card machines did not operate, and our members needed basic yet critical items like food, water, gasoline and ice – and for many of them, the only way to pay for these items was with cash.  It was critical that we kept our doors open as long as possible before the storm, made sure our ATMs were topped off and then worked diligently to re-open our branches as soon as we could once the winds died down.  Our amazing and dedicated staff made it happen on behalf of our members.

Working through the challenges of Hurricane Irma also helped us better understand and improve how we operate under our new core financial system, which we converted to in late 2016.  We updated and upgraded how we perform many of our main functions, including behind-the-scenes transactions as well as upfront interactions between our members, both in-person and online. With these changes, we also improved our online banking systems and made it easier to access our services while “on the go” through improvements to our mobile-friendly website and apps for Apple and Android devices.

Our members now have access to streamlined loan applications – including the use of e-signatures.  We also have made great advancements with paperless transactions and e-receipts, which helps us cut costs and reduces our overall carbon footprint.

We have made these changes while continuing to offer great products and services which help our members lead better financial lives each day. For example:

  • Our Dade Auto Desk saves members hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by acting as a good-faith representative between members and car dealers.
  • Our FastTrack loan product helps members obtain unsecured loans with flexible repayment terms, to help with emergencies or unforeseen expenses.
  • And, our no-fee, low-rate credit cards enable members to keep their costs down when paying with plastic.

We also have a large and growing array of products and services that can help you buy your home, start your business or plan for your financial future.

As we move forward into another year, we do not yet know if we will face any unforeseen challenges, but what we do know is that we are absolutely ready for them.


George Joseph
President and CEO