As a teenager, your goals are probably starting to get a little pricier. Right? Whether you’re saving for school activities or working part-time to save for college or a car, managing your money the smart way is definitely important.

If you are a student age 14-17, you can start smart with a primary Gen-You Savings and Checking account in your name, without a parent or legal guardian. It offers a debit card so you can access your cash at ATMs, access to Internet Banking, and a secured Visa credit card (with a parent or legal guardian). It’s the best of all our accounts so you can enjoy a smart, easy start to managing your money.

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With Dade County Federal…You Can Do That!

Membership requires a $5.00 minimum balance in a savings account and a one-time fee of $1.00. Persons (and their family members) who either live, work, worship, attend school, operate businesses or other legal entities located in Miami-Dade County are welcome to join our credit union. This program is designed for children and students within ages 14-17. Youth’s Birth Certificate, FL State ID, Valid School ID and Social Security Card required to open an account. Youth must attend a Financial Literacy Seminar in order to obtain a debit card or youth may attend an online course that is designated by DCFCU.  Once online course is completed, they must bring printed certificate to DCFCU to earn debit card.