Dade Auto Desk

Contact us today and let D.A.D help you find your next car!

Save time and money. Let D.A.D. help you find your next automobile!

D.A.D. (Dade Auto Desk) is an auto-buying service that is available to all Dade County Federal members. D.A.D. makes the often tedious and frustrating auto shopping experience simple and efficient by listening to your needs and securing the right vehicle at the right price for you. By using D.A.D., you will avoid spending hours at a dealership, negotiating a final sales price, paying dealer fees, and waiting countless hours to hear about your financing options. Once your deal is approved, D.A.D. can make arrangements to deliver your new vehicle to your home, office, or branch location of your choosing. It’s that simple.

What D.A.D. can do for you:

  • Save time, money, and hassles

  • Eliminate the high pressure of the negotiation process

  • Get the color and options you want on your new or used car or truck

  • Get you the best price and avoid dealer fees

  • Get credit for all rebates and incentives, just like you would at a dealership



  1. Get Pre-Approved

  2. Fill out Dade Auto Desk Form below and a DAD representative will be assigned to your loan.

  3. Speak with a loan representative about your rate and payments.

  4. Your new car will be delivered to you!