VISA® ATIRAreload Card

The ATIRAreload card is a prepaid card that you can use to make purchases online, by phone or in person almost anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. The purchase amount is simply deducted from the card’s available balance. You can reload the card at any time to increase your balance and use it again and again.

ATIRAreload prepaid card is also perfect for teens on-the-go! This card can teach teens about spending independence and financial responsibility, while keeping parents informed and involved in their purchases. You can also:

  • Check your balances

  • Review transactions

  • Sign-up for direct deposit

  • Reload your card

  • Add an account holder

To attain an ATIRAreload prepaid VISA card please stop by any of our branch locations or for more information call 305-471-5080.

If you already have an ATIRAreload and would like to check or reload your balance, click here.

Terms and conditions may apply. Card activation is required. Initial account setup fee is $4.95. No monthly maintenance fee when load $1,000 in a monthly transaction cycle, otherwise $4.95 per transaction cycle. See terms and conditions for explanation of transaction cycles at