Online Services

e-Branch Online Banking System

Dade County Federal Credit Union offers the latest technology in Online Banking with e-Branch. e-Branch makes banking with Dade County Federal Credit Union simple and efficient by allowing you access and control over your accounts from anywhere, 24/7. Access your accounts via your computer while at home, work, or traveling. With e-Branch, you may:

  • View Account Balances
  • Set Account Alerts
  • Set Automatic Account Transfers
  • Bill Pay
  • Financial Budgeting Tools
  • Review and Download Account History
  • Debit Card Management Tool
  • Schedule/ Transfer Loan Payments
  • Communicate Directly with DCFCU

This service is absolutely FREE. Getting started with the e-Branch System is quicker and easier than you may expect. For assistance, please call (305) 471-5080 and one of our experienced and knowledgeable associates will talk you through the process, you may also visit

Online Bill Pay

Instead of writing and mailing checks and then manually balancing your checkbook, you can pay your bills online! With Online Bill Pay, you can control which bills are paid and when the money is deducted from your “Secure” Checking account.

Setting up is easy! Getting started with Online Bill Pay is quicker and easier than you may expect. It’s also FREE! To enroll, simply enter e-Branch Online Banking system, and click the “Pay Bills” icon. The rest is simple. You may also call (305) 471-5080. Consider these great FREE services and how they will help you save time and get more organized. As always, we are looking out for you and your goals. Combined with our Secure Checking and Direct Deposit, our online services create value beyond what other financial institutions have to offer.

Call (305) 471-5080 and ask how you can take advantage of our FREE Online services and win back more of your free time.