Sponsorships & Donations


Dade County Federal Credit Union has a long history of serving and giving back to our community and supporting programs of charitable, community and civic organizations in Miami-Dade County. Our thoughtful and prudent benevolence are representative of the priorities of our employees, organization and the communities to which we serve.

Dade County Federal Credit Union’s goal is to provide donations to organizations that are closely aligned with our mission, vision and values. Dade County Federal Credit Union provides sponsorships and/or donations in the following broad program areas:

• Health and human services
• Programs promoting access and education to financial services
• Children and family services
• Prevention and treatment of diseases
• Culture and performing arts
• Education
• Environmental issues


• Must create a positive image in the community
• Support the development of and/or benefit the community as a whole
• Create positive recognition of the Credit Union
• Limit of one sponsorship per organization per year


• Must benefit a charitable cause
• Must qualify as a non-profit/tax exempt organization under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Service

Organizations requesting a sponsorship and/or donation must complete the “Donation/ Sponsorship” Form. All requests will be presented to the Board for final approval.

Click here for Donation and Sponsorship Form