The one card that works like a check and an ATM card combined.

With a DCFCU VISA Debit Card, you won’t have to carry a checkbook or large amount of cash around with you again. VISA Debit Cards are readily accepted at more than 15 million merchant locations worldwide who accept VISA for payment. Use your DCFCU VISA Debit Card to pay for merchandise and services instead of carrying cash or writing a check. The amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your Secure Checking account. Simply present your DCFCU VISA Debit Card to the merchant… it’s that easy.

Why use a DCFCU VISA Debit Card?

  • It lets you access money from your credit union checking account without writing a check

  • Faster and easier than writing checks

  • Accepted where checks are not accepted

  • Access your Secure Checking account at millions of VISA merchants all over the world

  • Safer than carrying cash

  • Saves you money – buy and use fewer checks

  • It’s an ATM Card, too!

Going shopping? Take your DCFCU VISA Debit Card along
Shop at the drug store, dry cleaner, or grocery stores… all without writing a check, digging for identification or waiting for check approval. With your DCFCU VISA Debit Card, you can make merchant purchases (not exceeding $2,500 on any day) providing those funds are available in your Secure Checking account. Just hand the merchant your Debit Card and say you’ll pay with your DCFCU VISA. Remember, a Debit Card is not a credit card and funds must be available in your credit union Secure Checking account when you use your card.

Need cash? A DCFCU VISA Debit Card doubles as your ATM card
Your DCFCU VISA Debit Card also allows you to withdraw up to $500 in cash per day from your credit union Secure Checking or Share savings accounts, transfer funds, make balance inquiries, and point-of-sale “debit” purchases. It works like any other ATM Card. Use your Debit Card and PIN number (which will be mailed to you separately from the card) at any ATM machine displaying these signs:


Over 50,000 fee- free* ATMs are in very convenient locations like Target and Costco and at many gas stations and convenience stores. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable member benefit! To find the surcharge-free ATMs, just look for any of the symbols above, or use Credit Union 24’s online ATM Locator at www.cu24.com.

DCFCU VISA Debit Card makes record keeping easier
Each time you use your DCFCU VISA Debit Card to make a purchase, you will receive a receipt. Every transaction will also be detailed on your monthly checking account statement (including the amount of the purchase, merchant’s name and location). It’s a great way to keep track of how you spend and where you spend it.

Additional card information
Use your DCFCU VISA Debit Card as often as you like, worry free. There is no charge for using your card for “credit” purchase, no per transaction charges and no monthly or annual card fees. Best of all, even though your DCFCU VISA Debit Card is as convenient and easy to use as a credit card, you won’t have interest charges or a bill to pay each month. When you use your Debit Card for ATM “debit” transactions, regular ATM fees and other financial institution surcharges may apply. There is no charge for the initial VISA Debit Card.

Verified By VISA – For Added Security
Dade County Federal Credit Union is now offering you Verified By VISA. Verified By VISA puts you in control when shopping online. Only you can approve purchases using your private password.

This new service effectively and efficiently authenticates cardholders for Internet commerce and will reduce unauthorized use of VISA cards for online purchases. This program will help you, the cardholders, be more comfortable buying online by enhancing the security and integrity of Internet purchasing.

To register on-line for VERIFIED by VISA, visit this website: Click Here
*Dade County Federal Credit Union Members will continue to receive their first four transactions free and will pay $1 for all subsequent transactions done at machines that are not owned and operated by the credit union.