VISA Platinum card

Apply for a No Annual Fee Dade County Federal Platinum Credit Card and take advantage of the benefits:

No Annual Fee
There is no annual fee on your Dade County Federal Credit Card Platinum.

Worldwide Acceptance
Your Dade County Federal Credit Platinum is recognized and honored in business establishments and financial institutions worldwide.

Low Annual Percentage Rate
We offer one of the lowest Annual Percentage Rates (APR) available. Offer subject to credit evaluation.

25-Day Grace Period
You can pay off your balance in full within 25 days of your purchase to avoid any finance charges.

You have 24-hour cash access at any VISA cash machine or other ATMs that display the VISA logo (a transaction fee may be charged). A computer generated Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to you shortly after you receive our Dade County Federal Credit Platinum Credit Card. Interest is charged from the date of the advance.

Transfer Balances
You can pay off balances from other high interest credit cards and enjoy immediate savings! And, there are no transfer fees.

Periodic Credit Line IncreasesFor your convenience, your credit line may be increased by calling us. So, as your lifestyle changes and your needs grow, so can your credit line! Simply call us and ask.

Choice Rewards
For every purchase dollar you charge to your Dade County Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum Card, you earn a point toward premium merchandise and exciting travel opportunities. To contact Choice Rewards please call 1-855-824-2452 or visit (or sign onto your account on e-Branch and click on your Credit Card to My Card Info Site)

Additional Benefits
Auto Rental Collision Damage Wavier
Travel Emergency Assistance Services
Warranty Manager Service

Platinum-Secure Application Solicitation Disclosure

VISA Platinum and Secured Cardholder Agreement

VISA Auto Collision Damage Waiver

Visa Platinum Credit Card: Annual Percentage Rate (APR*) for purchases based on credit evaluation. Balance Transfer APRs*: 0.00% for six billing cycles. After that, your APR will be 6.99%. Grace period for repayment of balances for purchases 25 days on average. Method of computing the balance for purchases is average daily balance (including new purchases). No Annual fee. Cash Advance Fee is 2% of the transaction or a minimum of $5 and max of $100. No Balance Transfer fee. No APR Penalty fee. Over the limit fee, up to $35.00 (If opted in); to opt into over limit function please call 1-800- 299-7147. Late Payment fee, up to $35.00. Foreign Currency Transaction fee, 1.0% of the converted transaction amount. *APR= Annual Percentage Rate is determined on, and may be adjusted as of the first business day of each quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st) by adding a Margin to the Index (the highest Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal “Money Rates” table.) The Margin is determined based on an evaluation of each Member’s credit history, and will range from 4.65% to 14.65%. Your rate will never be more than 18% regardless of the prime rate quoted in the Wall Street Journal. 


Go Green with Electronic Statements For Visa® Credit Card!

To receive your Visa® statements electronically follow these easy steps:

Sign on to e-Branch on your e-Branch homepage, click on “VISA – Credit Card”Select your credit card and click “Submit”Once you see your “Account Summary” click on your credit card.You will be directed to your “Recent Activity” of your credit card.Under “Account Info” tab, select “e-Statements, User Profile” and provide the necessary information.Once your information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation code via email.Enter the confirmation code to complete the registration. Once registration is completed, you will start receiving your statements electronically.

If you need any assistance please feel free to contact our Call Center at 305-471-5080.